Hello, The Internet. We’re home from tour and still alive.

After making it through a month of shows in a van that was slowly dying, it finally broke down on the last day and we had to cancel the show in Leeds, which obviously sucked. On the plus side, we got to spend around 15 hours in the back of a tow truck, which is basically the next best thing.

Aside from that, tour was great. Massive thanks to everyone who set up shows for us, gave us a place to sleep, fed us, etc etc.

We’re coming back to the mainland in late August/early September for a short run with known moshers Boxkite. If you want to help us out with a show in the UK, Germany, France or the Netherlands, please get in touch. Thanks.

ALSO, for the people who ordered records from the webstore while we were away –  your stuff will be with you as soon as we can get organised and send everything out. Tour leftovers will be online soon too.

Here’s a photo from our show in Vienna. Thanks to Daniel from Lorraine / Pylon Network. I’ll try and add some more photos/videos soon. For now, that’s all.



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