Thanks, Europe.

Since we’ve been home for a couple of weeks and the photos/journal still aren’t ready to go online, I figured I should post something here in the interim.

Our Euro tour was amazing. We met a bunch of excellent people, saw loads of good cats and dogs, received customary abuse from border control and consumed a truly disgusting volume of Premium-Cola. Huge thanks as always to everyone who helped us out, and to our new pal Brad for driving us.

On the other hand, we had to cancel a show in Le Mans, France after some mechanical stuff I don’t understand left us stranded in Dole (I wouldn’t recommend visiting this nothing town on your next trip to France), feeling like royalty in our insurance-paid, hugely mediocre hotel. Sorry to anyone who wanted to see us in Le Mans – maybe one day we’ll finally play in France…

We also had to miss a show in Kent due to the promoter cancelling it. That’s not as good a story though; that just sucked.

BUT, we’re home and working on new songs/booking more shows – if you want to set up a show for us in Europe this year, get in touch. Our next show will be at a new space in Aberdeen for the Carson Wells LP release, along with Womps (formerly Algernon Doll). The venue is tiny, so space is limited – get there early or ask to have a space kept for you!

Our record also finally exists in physical form – pre-orders and everything will be online soon along with leftover shirts and 10” splits from tour. If you still haven’t heard the album, you can listen to it here.

lbtd ingo


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